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Wireless Networking

Description: This course consist on introduction to wireless communication, evolution of wireless communication systems, medium access techniques, propagation models, error control techniques, cellular systems, emerging networks. This lecture inlcudes: Types, Attacks, Passive, Active, Inject, Decrypt, Statistical, Analysis, Dictionary, Building
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Types of Attack
Goals of 802.11 Security
WEP Protocol
WEP Authentication
Security flaws in original 802.11
802.1x Security
AKM Operations with AS
AKM operations with PSK
IBSS Security model
Last Lecture
What is Ad hoc networks?
Characteristic (Heterogeneous, Self-creating, self-organizing,
self-adminstrating, on-the-fly)
Ad hoc vs. cellular networks
Challenges (Spectrum allocation, Self-configuration, Medium
access control (MAC), Energy efficiency, TCP Performance,
Mobility management, Security & privacy, Routing protocols,
Multicasting, QoS, Service Location, Provision, Access)
Routing Protocol
Expected Properties of Ad-hoc Routing Protocols
A taxonomy for routing protocols in Mobile ad
Some common protocols (DSDV, AODV, DSR, ZRP, TORA)
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