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Description: These are the notes of Past Paper of Physics for Scientist and Engineers and its key important points are: Vacuum of Intergalactic Space, Cosmic Microwave, Radiation Energy, Numerical Value, Differential Equation, Molecular Mass, Atomic Units, Molecules Per Unit Volume
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University of California, Berkeley
Physics 7B, Lecture 001, Spring 2009 (Xiaosheng Huang)
Midterm 1
Monday, 2/23/2009
6:00-8:00 PM
SID: ________________________
D/L Section:_______________
GSI: ________________________
Physical Constants:
Avogadro's number, NA: 6.02×1023
Gas Constant, R: 8.315J/mol·K
Boltmann's Constant, kB: 1.38×10-23 J/K
Stefan-Boltzmann Constant, σ: 5.67×10-8 W/m2·K4
Specific heat for water: c=4.19×103 J/kg·oC
Heat of vaporization for water: LV=22.6×105 J/kg
Heat of fusion for water: LF= 3.33×105 J/kg
Standard Temperature and Pressure (STP): T=273K, P=1atm=1.01×105 Pa
Atomic mass unit (1u): 1.6605×10-27 kg
Note: You are allowed one formula sheet (3½ by 5, double sided) and a calculator
(without wireless capabilities). Do NOT just write down an answer in the answer box;
show your steps. Formulaic answers may only involve the quantities given in a problem
and constants. Good Luck!
1. (25 pts.) A spherical solid aluminum sphere with mass M, density
, specific heat c,
and emissivity e, floats in the vacuum of intergalactic space. The sphere is initially (t=0)
at temperature T1.
a) How long does it take for the aluminum sphere to cool to the cosmic microwave
background (CMB) temperature, T0, assuming T1>T0? (For this part, ignore the radiation
energy that the aluminum sphere will absorb from the (CMB)).
Formulaic Answer:
!= 2.7×103!kg/m3,!and!c=!0.90!×103!J/kgK.!
Numerical Answer:
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