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Description: These are the lecture slides of Soil Supplements. Key important points are: Water Resources and Irrigation, Importance of Irrigation, Application Methods, Relating to Irrigation Efficiency, Stabilizing Water Resources, Profitability, Quality of Water, Earliest Days, Circulated Water, Precipitation
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Unit 15: Water Resources &
Facts, issues, & importance of irrigation
Amounts of water needed for crop production
Application methods for irrigation
Issues relating to irrigation efficiency
Stabilizing water resources
Water tends to be determining factor in
Quantity & quality of water are critical all over
the world
Aren’t we lucky?
Irrigation dates back to the earliest days of
Water Resources for Irrigation
Earth contains ~327 mi3 of water
97% in oceans
2% in glaciers & icebergs
.03% in circulated water
Precipitation, transpiration, evaporation
Includes all surface water, atmospheric water vapor,
Hydrologic cycle
Supply of water not evenly distributed
Can you give some examples?
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