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DBMS (Database Management Systems)

Description: This lecture slide is very easy to understand and very helpful to built a concept about the foundation of computers and Database Design.The key points in these slides are:What Is Data Mining, Principle of Sorting, Knowledge Discovery from Data, Pattern Analysis, Data Archeology, Data Dredging, Information Harvesting, Business Intelligence, Nonoperational Data, Data Warehouses, Data Cleaning
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Data Mining
What Is Data Mining?
Data mining is the principle of sorting through large amounts of data and
picking out relevant information.
In other words…
Data mining (knowledge discovery from data)
Extraction of interesting (non-trivial, implicit, previously unknown and
potentially useful) patterns or knowledge from huge amount of data
Other names
Knowledge discovery (mining) in databases (KDD), knowledge
extraction, data/pattern analysis, data archeology, data dredging,
information harvesting, business intelligence, etc.
Some Definitions
Data : Data are any facts, numbers, or text that can be
processed by a computer.
operational or transactional data such as, sales, cost, inventory,
payroll, and accounting
nonoperational data, such as industry sales, forecast data, and
macro economic data
meta data - data about the data itself, such as logical database
design or data dictionary definitions
Information: The patterns, associations, or relationships
among all this data can provide information.
Definitions Continued..
Knowledge: Information can be converted into knowledge
about historical patterns and future trends. For example,
summary information on retail supermarket sales can be
analyzed in terms of promotional efforts to provide
knowledge of consumer buying behavior. Thus, a
manufacturer or retailer could determine which items are
most susceptible to promotional efforts.
Data Warehouses: Data warehousing is defined as a process
of centralized data management and retrieval.
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