Are there any dangerous look a like mushrooms for Hen of The Woods (Grifola Frondosa)?

Found one of these whilst mushrooming yesterday, at the base of an oak, i am fairly certain it is hen of the woods, but just wondered if there are any inedible/toxic polypores that could be mistaken for it.

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ellen.robinson 05-02-2013
ellen.robinson - University of Leeds
no i dont think so there is any.
dhairya 29-04-2013
dhairya - Alagappa University
"Hen-of-the-woods (Grifola frondosa) is really a mushroom we are comfy ingesting, and have a little amount of knowledge about. We've got each of our 1st simply by bartering together with Russ Cohen at the foraging go, after which it discovered a number of previous examples later in this 12 months. The flavour and feel of the mushroom-shaped cloud very satisfied all of us, thus most of us achieved it a spot find them in 2010. Getting started with the particular CVMS as well as some online boards actually helped with the research and provided all of us numerous suggestions best places to seek out these types of cookery delights. The right time is important, in conjunction with environment. "  

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