Why is a sweet potato considered to be a root, but a white potato is not?

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asdlol2 05-02-2013
asdlol2 - University of Sussex
I searched for white potato.. There r hell lot of white potatoes and in wiki, it shows that white potatoes r roots.. They r also a form of potato..
jooly 29-04-2013
jooly - National Institute of Industrial Engineering
"The actual sweet potato vine (Ipomoea batatas) is a dicotyledonous vegetable that will belongs to the household Convolvulaceae. The prominent, buckram, sweet-mouth watering, tuberous sources are a main organic. The actual small results in along with shoots out are often ingested since greens. In the around l genera and most i,thousand varieties of Convolvulaceae, My partner and i. batatas will be the just plant plant connected with major significance—some people are widely-used in your neighborhood, today some are in fact poisonous. This Ipomoea batatas is only distantly related your murphy (Solanum tuberosum) and belong the particular nightshade loved ones. "

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