What type of fiction was very popular around the turn of the 20th century?

"A.) Realistic portrayals of American lifeB.) Western adventure tales C.) Novels about the grand life of the upper classD.) stories about sports heroes"

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laurinda 05-02-2013
laurinda - London Metropolitan University
I should imagine it differed between countries and between social classes within countries. I know that B would be correct for many people in both the US and Germany. Don't know about any of the others.
annuu 30-04-2013
annuu - Barkatullah University
Where absolutely no specific hundred is declared, the idea of unremarkably alludes (when came across within novels written during a lot of the twentieth century and even, up to now, via to the earlier twenty first) to the transition through the 19th century into your 20th century (1890–1914): hence, e.g., a fresh discussing "convert on the hundred years The united kingdom" implies England, chemical. 1900  

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