Which country won the exploration race?help!?

For World History I have to write a paragraph over who won the exploration race. The options are England, France, Netherlands(Dutch), Spain, and Portugal. Thanks so much!

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asdlol2 05-02-2013
asdlol2 - University of Sussex
"Red cells DO NOT convert carbon dioxide to carbonic acid, etc. Carbon dioxide dissolves in water and then naturally forms carbonic acid, which then ionizes into bicarbonate and H+. This even happens as carbon dioxide from the air slowly dissolves in a glass of water. That water will slowly become acidic from the hydrogen ions released by this process. No red cells need be involved."
jooly 29-04-2013
jooly - National Institute of Industrial Engineering
"It turned out the 'race' between a couple superpowers over the frosty warfare era, USA plus the USSR. Both places can maintain various advantages, USSR sending the first homo into infinite, who built i complete reach of the world. The united states were the first one to land a guy on the Moon throughout July 1969. "  

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