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Description: This lecture is from Horticulture.Key important points are: Basic Floral Design, From Concept to Beauty, Care and Handling, Provide Clean Water, Provide a Bactericide, Provide a Sugar Source, Alternative Preservatives, Lemon Lime Soft Drinks, Certain Mouthwashes, Sharp Knife
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Basic Floral Design

Basic Floral Design From Concept to Beauty

Care and Handling – Step 1 What will we do to preserve our flowers?

Provide clean water Provide a bactericide Provide a sugar source Alternative Preservatives Lemon-Lime Soft Drinks Certain Mouthwashes

Care and Handling – Step 2 What is needed for the initial preparation?

Cut the flowers with a sharp knife Never use scissors or pruning shears Never pound break stems Cuts stems at an angle

Care and Handling – Step 3 What design materials will I need?

Floral Foam Water tight container Anchor tape Floral wire

Care and Handling – Step 4 What floral design tools will I need?

Sharp Knife Wire cutters Scissors Poultry shears

Types of Designs What are the design types I have available to me?

Triangular Round Exotic

Round Designs Step 1: Begin by setting the lines

Height first: Rule-of-Thumb – One to one and half times the height of the container. Width – One half to one third length of the

first flowers. Front – Sets the forward dimension of the

arrangement. What you do to one side you must do the other side!

Round Designs Step 2: Fill in areas with foliage...

Place foliage at corners Keep design elements inside the line Develop an imaginary point and point all

foliage and flowers to that point Hide the floral foam Keep the design three dimensional

Round Designs Types of Flowers

Line flowers – carnations Mass flowers – mums or daisies Filler flowers – statice and baby’s breath Form flowers – exotic flowers or roses

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