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Description: Medical science is vast field. When we talk about word medicine, we dive into sea of disease details. These lecture slides are not for a medical student only, but these are useful to everyone for general knowledge as well. In this particular lecture you can know about Cholera, Epidemiology, Agent, Factors, Host, Environmental, Transmission, Control, Prevention
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Cholera and Epidemiology

Water pump in

memory of John



 Cholera is an acute diarrhoeal disease

caused by V. cholerae

 It is seen in many countries of the world

mainly the poor third world countries

 In Libya there has been no epidemic since


 Cholera is no longer the dreaded disease of

the past because we can prevent deaths with

Oral Rehydration Salt solution

Agent factors

 Agent – V cholerae (mainly El Tor biotype)

 The bacteria causes a toxin, which acts on

the intestinal mucosa causing severe


 Reservoir of infection – Man (case or carrier)

 Infective material – stools and vomit/vomitus

 Infective period – a case of cholera is

infectious for 7-10 days

Vibrio cholerae

Host factors

 Age – can affect any age

 Cause severe morbidity and mortality

 Sex – affects both sexes

A Cholera

patient in


(A scene

from 1970)

Environmental factors

 Mode of transmission

 Water is the most important source of infection

 Food also may be source of infection

 Direct contact through contaminated fingers

 Incubation period

 1-5 days

Control of Cholera

 Primary prevention

 Health education

 Improvement in sanitation

 Avoid close contact with the patients

Secondary prevention

 Early diagnosis and Treatment

 Rehydration

 Oral with Oral Rehydration Salt solution

 Parenteral with Ringer lactacte solution in severe cases

 Antibiotics – Tetracycline

 Isolate the patient to prevent spread of


 Disinfect all infected material to prevent

spread of disease

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