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Description: This lecture is from Bureau of Energy Efficiency. Key important points are: Energy Efficient Technologies, Maximum Demand Control, Principle of Automatic Power Factor Controller, Energy Efficient Motors, Centrifugal Machines, Variable Speed Drives, Hydrodynamic Principle
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10. Energy Efficient Technologies in Electrical System

191Bureau of Energy Efficiency


1. Explain how maximum demand control works.

2. Explain the principle of automatic power factor controller .

3. What are the advantages of energy efficient motors?

4. What are the precautions to be taken in the case of energy efficient motor application ?

5. Explain the working of a soft starter and its advantage over other conventional starters.

6. Explain why centrifugal machines offers the greatest savings when used with Variable Speed Drives.

7. Hydrodynamic principle for speed control is used in a) DC drives b) Fluid coupling c) Pulse width modulation d) Eddy Current Drive

8. Typical loss in conventional magnetic chokes for a 40 W FTL is of the order of a) 8 Watts b) 14 Watts c) 20 Watts d) 6 Watts

9. Which method uses infrared, acoustic, ultrasonic or microwave sensors for lighting control? a) Time-based control b) Daylight-linked control c) Occupancy-linked control d) Localized switching

10. Slip Power Recovery system is used in a) All kinds of motors b) Synchronous motors c) Slip - Ring Induction motor d) None of the above

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