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Describe in Detail - Applied Biology - Past Exam

These are the Past Exam of Applied Biology which includes Structure, Typical Human Cell, Proteins, Manufactured, Processed, Epithelial Tissue., Features, Processes, Epithelial Tissue Repair etc.Key important points are: Describe in Detail, Endopla...


B.Tech Semester Supplimentary Examinations, June 2009 FUNDAMENTALS OF BIOLOGY (Bio-Technology) totipotency of cells, fouling organisms, enzymes, ELISA technique for detection of antibodies, organ culture, Pteridophyta,

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Gluconeogenesis - Metabolism - Exam

Gluconeogenesis, Glycolysis, Direct Reversal, Citric Acid Cycle, Glyoxylate Shunt, Treated in Isolation, Metabolic Disorder, Genetic Diseases, Nitrogen Cycle, Final Products. Past exam paper for biological courses are available here. I expect peop...

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