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Research Methodology

Description: This lecture was delivered by Vikram Jeet at Ankit Institute of Technology and Science. It includes: Hypothetical, Deductive, Method, Observation, manager, communication, Finance, Accounting, Marketing, Installation, IT, production, Libraray, Crirtical

STEPS OF HYPOTHETICODEDUCTIVE METHOD (In Detail) 1. OBSERVATION Verbal Non-Verbal Cues Manager 1. s in attitudes, behavior, communication patterns Finance, Accounting, People Management, Marketing, Admin Matters, Installation of IT system +ive hints 2. Drop in sales 3. Frequent production interruptions 4. Incorrect accounting results 2 -ive hints 2. PRELIMINARY INFORMATION GATHERING 1. • • 2. • Unstructured Interviews: Manager get the feel what is transpiring What is actually happening Library Search: Possible factors that can be operating in a particular situation 3 3. THEORY FORMULATION Variable 1 CRITICAL VARIABLES ARE EXAMINED Problem Variable 2 LINK OR INFLUENCE ON THE PROBLEM IS CHECKED 1. Theory formulation is an attempt to integrate all information previously gained in a logical manner. 2. How much each variable is important to situation at hand i.e. one can take hint from the previous studies but identify them a new according to situation Each time the researcher has to select only the variables pertinent (relevent)to the situation 3. Theory is a set of systematically interrelated variables that are advanced to explain a phenomena Variables = Problem, Causes of Problem 4 4. HYPOTHESIZING 1. 2. From the network of association of variables various testable hypotheses can be generated Educated guesses 3. Hypothesis Development Forms a. Deductive reasoning b. Inductive reasoning If the hypotheses are formed after we have gathered data H1: If a sufficient number of items are stocked on shelves; customer dissatisfaction would be considerably reduced 5 5. FURTHER SCIENTIFIC DATA COLLECTION • After hypothesis development, data with respect to each variable in hypothesis need to be collected. • HypA: Stocking sufficient items will reduce customer dissatisfaction • Likewise Hyp B Measurement of current satisfaction level Hyp C Hyp D • Basis for data analysis What is the

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satisfaction level of customers when goods/items are stocked 6 6. DATA ANALYSIS In this step “data gathered is statistically analyzed to see if the hypotheses that were generated have been supported”.  Correlation analysis for Hyp A.  Quantitative data can be analyzed similarly Qualitative data can be analyzed  i.e. “budgetary constraints adversely effect on manager’s responses to their work”.  Manager A Manager B Manager C Very much favor Somewhat favor Other factors identified Very much favor 1 1 1 2 2 2 3 3 3 4 4 4 5 5 5 Manager D 1 2 3 4 5  Categories of satisfaction/dissatisfaction can be checked.  Degree to which same kind of responses gathered can be checked. 7 7. DEDUCTION • Deduction is the process of arriving at conclusions by interpreting the meaning of the results of data analysis. • Hyp A: +ively correlated Pearson’s Correlation Value= 0.5 • Deduction: “If customer satisfaction is to be increased, the shelves have to be better stocked”. • Recommendations 8 OTHER TYPES OF RESEARCH (I). Case Studies: • Matching your problem with the similar problem in other organizations and then concluding the results. • Many organizations need to be studied for greater Generalizability. • For the problem at hand not 100% effective, but teaches a lesson in similar circumstances that what actually happens. (II). Action Research: • Best for the process Problem Being Identified Data Gathered Tentative Problem Solution Implementation Effects are Seen Final Problem Solution 9

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