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Communication Systems

Description: This lecture is part of lecture series on Communication Systems. It was delivered by Dr. Sachet Khatri at Ankit Institute of Technology and Science. It includes: GSM, Operation, Support, Subsystem, Maintenance, Network, Management, Center, Performance, Traffic, Data, Acquisition, Interfaces
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Operation and Support Subsystem (OSS)

• OSS consists of two entities not fully specified in GSM. They are – Operation and Maintenance Center (OMC) – Network Management Center (NMC) • Performs alarm handling, fault management, performance management, configuration management, traffic data acquisition, activate and deactivate functions, and long term planning. • Normally centralized in a network.

Open Interfaces

• A-Interface ---- between BSC and MSC, E1 link. • Abis-Interface ---- between BTS and BSC using LADP (Link Access Data Protocol) protocol. • B-Interface ---- between MSC and VLR • C-Interface ---- between MSC and HLR • D-Interface ---- between HLR and VLR • E-Interface ---- between MSCs • F-Interface ---- between MSC and EIR • Um-Interface ---- between MSS and BSS.

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