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Description: Some concept of Watershed Management are Agriculture Management Practices, Community Participation, Decision Support System, Economic Assessment, Flooding Problems, Measures, Geometric. Main points of this lecture are: Hydro-Geological, Various Schemes, Various Techniques, Demerits, Hydrological Aspects, Necessity, Hydro-Geological, Important Design, Considerations, Illustrate
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Tutorials - Question!.?. Describe the traditional water

harvesting system adopted in India.  (Ref: http://cgwb.gov.in;

www.rainwaterharvesting.org; www.cseindia.org)  Illustrate the systems used for roof rain water

harvesting.  Illustrate the various schemes used for Groundwater

recharge schemes  Discuss various techniques adopted at various

l tioca ons.

 Discuss the merits and demerits of each systems. 35

Prof. T I Eldho, Department of Civil Engineering, IIT Bombay

Self Evaluation - Questions!.  Discuss the necessity & purposes of RWH.

Wh t th d t f RWH? a are e a van ages o .  Discuss the hydrological aspects of RWH.

Ill h i f h d l i l  ustrate t e mportance o y ro-geo og ca aspects of RWH. What are the important design  considerations of RWH?.

P f T I Eldh D t t f Ci il E i i IIT B b 36

ro . o, epar men o v ng neer ng, om ay

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