Institutional Anomie Theory - Criminological Theory - Assignment, Exercises for Law and Criminology. Mizoram University

Law and Criminology

Description: This lecture is from Criminological Theory. Major points are Social Learning Theory, Personality, Rational Choice Theory etc. Key important points are: Institutional Anomie Theory, Rosenfeld, Messner, Components, American Dream, High Crime Rates, Institutional Balance, Power Here, Institutional Balance of Power, Institutional
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Assignment #6

Assignment #5 Institutional Anomie Theory 1. Describe Rosenfeld and Messner’s components of the “American Dream.” 2. Why does the American Dream lead to high crime rates? (Note: do not discuss the institutional balance of power here) 3. What is meant by the “institutional balance of power?” How does the institutional balance of power in the U.S. lead to high crime rates? (Note: do not discuss the American Dream here)

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