Funny realities of a Developer's life

Developers face different phases throughout their career with challenges ranging from researching, designing to implementing software. Software developers are often guided by lead programmers but the description may also encompasses freelance software developers. Following memes express the funny realities in a life of any developer.

1) How software developer calculates his experience

2) Software in development mode vs. production mode

3) Browser compatibility a long lasting battle

4) Code does work, but on my machine

5) When you have to explain every single thing to project managers

6) Real web developer's approach

7) Game Developers and their priorities

8) Developer vs Tester

9) Web developer for years, but don't know all the html tags

10) Peer pressure on Developers

11) Looks only matter when a developer is looking for a job

12) What a Developer really do

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Funny Source Code Comments

8587   10/06/2014

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