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Cognitive Psychology

Description: Perception and Object Recognition, Binding Problem, Bottom Up Processing, Gestalt Psychology, Figure Ground Organization, Theories of Object Recognition, Proofreading Difficulty are main points of this cognitive psychology quiz.
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Chapter 3: Perception and Object Recognition

1. What is perception? Briefly describe the binding problem. 2. Compare and contrast bottom-up (data-driven) and top-down (concept-driven)

processing. Illustrate each type of processing using examples. Be sure to understand the word-superiority effect and proofreading difficulty.

3. What is Gestalt psychology? Briefly describe their principles of perception and how they affect cognition and perception. Illustrate with examples.

4. What is figure-ground organization? Briefly describe several principles of organization. Illustrate with examples.

5. Compare and contrast three theories of object recognition (i.e., template matching, feature analysis, recognition by components), including the central claims, evidence, advantages, and disadvantages of each theory.

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