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Description: Applications of Biology is most interesting course. Its specialty is, its interesting fro everyone. This lecture also describes some applications. It includes: Plasma Membrane Model, Plastic Bag, Starch Solution, Iodine Solution, Represent, Iodine and Starch, Blue Black, Starch, Iodine Solution, Bag
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A Plasma Membrane Model

A Plasma Membrane Model

Use to complete Table 1: Before

The plastic bag is used to represent the plasma membrane. Inside the bag is a starch solution. Outside the bag is an iodine solution.

Use to complete Table 1: After

When iodine and starch are combined, the solution turns blue-black. We can therefore see that iodine did move through the plastic into the bag; however, the starch did not move outside the bag. If starch had moved, the iodine solution in the beaker would also be blue-black.

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