Rights And Obligations of Banker-Banking Law And Practice-Assignment, Exercises for Banking Law and Practice. Amity Business School

Banking Law and Practice

Description: This is assignment by Prof. Anchita Mehra at Amity Business School for Banking Law and Practice course. It include: Functions, Credit, Control, Measures, Obligations, Customer, Accounts, Deposits, Promissory, Note, Policies
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Q. 1 Discuss in detail the functions and credit control measures of State bank of Pakistan and Reserve

Bank of India. Also give comparison between both banks policies. (20) Q. 2 Discuss the rights and obligations of banker and customer to each other in detail. (20) Q. 3 What do you mean by accounts of special customers? How these accounts are opened by a bank?

Discuss the procedure of opening such accounts in detail. (20) Q. 4 Discuss in detail the significance and use of deposits in banking system of

Pakistan. (20) Q. 5 (a) “Mr. Hasan promises to pay Mr. Sajid Rs. 100,000 and all other sums which shall be due to

him.” Is it a promissory note? State reasons. (10)

(b) Differentiate between the features of bill of exchange and promissory note. (10)


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