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Criminal Justice - Criminal Law - Lecture Slides

Criminal Justice, Criminal Law and Civil Law, Substantive and Procedural Law, Good Criminal Laws, Political Phenomenon, Types of Law, Substantive Vs Procedural Law, Ideal Characteristics, Origins of Laws, England Contribution are some points of th...

Cyber Crime Tour - Criminal Law - Lecture Slides

Cyber Crime Tour, Legal Specialization, Federal Law Enforcement Priorities, Arbitrary Taxonomy of Cybercrimes, Big Pile of Badness, Classic Cybercrimes, ft of Services, Computer Intrusions, Cyber Intrusions, Former Insider are some points of this...

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Crime - Crime and Human Behaviour - Lecture Slides

Major topics discussed in Crime and Human Behaviour course are: Victimology, Trends and Crime, Theory, Social Structure Theories, Social Process Theories, Psychology and Crime, Evolution and Crime, Crime, Conflict and Radical Theory, Classical The...
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