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Idea of Species - Evolution - Lecture Slides

Idea of Species, Phenetic Species, Biological Species Concept, Ecological Species, Clusters in Morphospace, Sexual Dimorphism, Life Cycle Stages, Tons of Morphological Variation are the key important points of lecture slides of Evolution.

Unit of Selection - Evolution - Lecture Slides

Unit of Selection, Benefits from Adaptation, Segregation Distorter Genes, Cell Lines, Reproductive Restraint, Northern Flicker, Altruism, Florida Scrub Jay, Interdemic Selection Model are the key important points of lecture slides of Evolution.

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Gymnosperms - Evolution of Plants - Lecture Slides

Gymnosperms, Cycadophyta, Ginkgophyta, Gnetophyta, Naked Ovules, Surface of Sporophylls, Ovary Wall, Female Megaspore, Species of Angiosperms, Layers of Tissue, Integument are the important key points of lecture slides of Evolution of Plants.

Darwinism-Theory of Evolution-Lecture Slides

This lecture is for Evolution course. It was delivered by Prof. Gorakh Varma at Aligarh Muslim University. It includes: Darwinism, Theory, Organic, Evolution, Profession, Accumulating, Assimilating, Species, Creationism, Promulgation

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