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Sale of Goods - Business Law - Lecture Slides

Sale of Goods, Interplay Between Legislation, Trade Practices Act, Sale of Goods, Sale or Agreement, Implied Terms, Implied Conditions, Fitness for Purpose, Merchantable Quality, Sale by Sample are key points from this lecture of Business law.

Companies Act - Business Law - Lecture Slides

Companies Act, Introduction to Companies Act, Definition of Company, Features of Company, Types of Companies, Lifting Corporate Veil, Short Title and Extent, Applicability of Act, General Definitions, Basis of Incorporation are key points from thi...

Business Ethics - Business Law - Lecture Slides

Business Ethics, Relationship Between Law and Ethics, Theories of Ethical Conduct, Deontology, Rights Model, Rights of Liberty, Free Consent, Free Speech, Freedom of Conscience, Right to Life are key points from this lecture of Business law.

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Bailments - Bussiness Law - Lecture Slides

This lecture is from Business Law. Key important points are: Bailments, Kinds of Bailments, Bailment Lawsuits, Common Carriers, Passengers, Obligations, Avoid Difficulties, Mutuum, Gratuitous Bailments, Gross Negligence