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Kotler05_basic-Marketing-Lecture Slides

This lecture was delivered by Prof. Ahmad Raza at Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Islamabad (PIEAS) for Marketing course. It includes: Customer, Value, Satisfaction, Loyalty, Database, Marketing, Value, Proposition, Periodi...

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The Positive Impacts Of Dance

Dance is a great way to keep your body active and mind fresh. Dance benefits are not just for adults, but children can also achieve a lot by learning dance skills. It’s not necessary that parents should send their child to learn dancing just becau...

Stephanie Taunton Certified Dog Trainer

Stephanie Taunton train dogs in socialization and advanced obedience commands,so the puppy will snap, snarl and bark at a gatecrasher but not attack. Stephanie Taunton is professionally training dogs. In 1989 she founded Bow Wow Productions, a stu...