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Arguments - Critical Thinking - Lecture Slides

Arguments, Evaluate Arguments, Fact Vs Opinion, Proving Facts, Sensory Distortions, Conceptual Distortions, Personal Beliefs, Group of Statements, Death Penalty, Good Deterrent are some points from this lecture of Critical Thinking course.

Debates - Critical Thinking - Lecture Slides

Debates, Learning Outcomes, Argument, Group of Statements, Criteria of a Good Argument, Relevance Criterion, Acceptability Criterion, Sufficient Grounds Criterion, Uttal, Needing Defense are some points from this lecture of Critical Thinking course.

Fallacies - Critical Thinking - Lecture Slides

Fallacies, Identify Common Fallacies, Mistake in Reasoning, Fallacious Argument, Bad Argument, Fallacies of Relevance, Insufficient Evidence, Fallacies of Ambiguity, Ambiguous Language, Poor Grammatical Structure are some points from this lecture...
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