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Description: Social Behavior, Social Psychology, Negative Emotional Attitude, Attraction and Love, Frequency of Exposure, Organizational Psychology, Reduce Conflicts, Job Satisfaction, Job Analysis are the important key points of lecture slides of Human Psychology.
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Chapter 13 Social Behavior

Chapter 14 Social Behavior / Organizational

Social Psychology

• Social Psychology … The study of all aspects of social behavior and thought

• Attribution … Why we do things – Correspondence Bias … blaming behavior on

internal causes with no real proof – Self-Serving Bias … positive outcomes=our own

traits, negative outcomes=not our fault • Counterfactual Thinking … evaluate events by

what might have been

Social Psychology • Attitudes .. Lasting evaluations of various aspects of the social

world that are stored in memory – Extremist Attitudes … 25% will never change “attitude”

• Persuasion … attempt to alter attitude (sales???) – Experts more persuasive than non-experts (positioning) Messages that don’t explicitly try to change attitude … it is the other

person’s idea Attractive sources … dressed for success Two sided arguments more effective People who speak rapidly more persuasive Messages that are emotional are more effective (religious fanatics)

Social Psychology

Prejudice … negative emotional attitude – Realistic conflict theory – Social Categorization … us vs. them – Learned approaches – Cognitive Sources – Stereotypes

• Do we all have prejudices? • Breaking the cycle

– Bring ideas into the light – Contact hypothesis – Recategorization

Social Psychology

• Attraction and Love • Attraction

Frequency of exposure … baseball – Similarity – opposites attract? – Physical Attraction .. Varies with culture, time

frame, economic situation • Love

– Romantic Love … culturally different – Other Love … children, brotherly love

Organizational Psychology

Organizational Psychology Study of human behavior and cognition at work

Job Analysis Interview p. 456

Training (GE’s history) Performance Appraisals

Really an “O”?? Lots of time put into these 1 “Aw sh…t”= 10 Attaboys Halo effect

Organizational Psychology • Motivation • Job Satisfaction • Leadership

– No real correlation between undergraduate degree and “success’

– Very confident – Open to ideas – Make decisions in <10 minutes – “Narcissistic” tendencies … Driver – Albert Ellis’ “Responsible Hedonist” – Male vs. Female differences – Charismatic

Organizational Psychology

• Teamwork – Selecting members … diverse is better – Task oriented – Reduce conflicts – Groupthink … with not diversity, group members

agree on all things … hesitant to disagree with other members

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