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Protein Sequence-Immunology-Assignment

This is assignment for Immunology course by to Dr. Ali Khan at University of Lucknow. It includes: Amino, Opsonization, Protein, Immunosuppressive, Cytokine, Antibiodies, Monoclonal, Hypercalcemic, Pahogenesis, Proteinuria

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Bovine Albumin - Immunology - Exam

Bovine Albumin, Whole Bovine Serum, Bovine Transferrin, Bovine Albumin, Bovine Gamma Globulin, Petri Dish, Serum From a Rabbit, Lines in the Positions, Immunoelectrophoretic are some points from this exam paper. Its for biology students. I tried t...

Asthma - Immunology - Exam

Asthma, Antibody Responses, Foreign Antigens, Specific Immune, Immunology of Asthma, Immune Controls, Autoimmune Diseases, Normal Immune are some points from questions of this exam paper.

Haematopoietic Stem - Immunology - Exam

Haematopoietic Stem, Genome of the Cell, Specific Immune Response, Histocompatability Complex, Biochemistry, Genetics and Function, Immunotherapeutic Strategies, Treat Cancer are some points from questions of this exam paper.