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Group Theory, Lecture Notes - Mathematics

Multiplication tables,Homomorphisms,Normal subgroups,Theorems concerning homomorphisms,Coxeter Groups, Free monoids,Generators and relations, Automorphisms Semidirect products,The H¨older program, Groups Acting on Sets, The Todd-Coxeter algorithm...

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Hexadecimal Sudoku Puzzles

Usual Sudoku Puzzles use decimal entries. However, I noticed existence of Hexadecimal Sudoku Puzzles that use the entire set of symbols of this numeral system, thus having solutions that correspond to the operations of the Hexadecimal System. I am...

Range and Cokernel - Matrix Methods - Solved Exam

This is the Solved Exam of Matrix Methods which includes Vector Subspace, Square Matrices, Vector Form, Subspace, Unique Solution, Solution Set, Unauthorized Assistance, Orthonormal Basis etc. Key important points are: Range and Cokernel, Fundamen...

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