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Técnicas experimentales en Física

Descripción: Apuntes del curso universitario de Técnicas experimentales en Física sobre la Radioactividad - Becquerel observó, que las sales de uranio eran capaces de reproducir las siluetas de ciertos objetos opacos colocados sobre unas placas fotográficas, aún cuando éstas estaban bien protegidas con papel negro. - Prácticas de Técnicas experimentales en Física

Ladies and gentlemen, my dear friends, Thank you for this show of confidence. It is an honour to become President of the European Parliament. I can assure you I will do everything to make our Parliament’s voice exert significant influence over development of European Union. Since 1979 when first direct elections to the European Parliament took place we can observe permanent enhancement of its position. Europe of today is a community of various values, not only these related to economical issues but also generally understood human rights. The European Parliament is undoubtedly the most important Institution of European Union because it reflects all European Citizens‘ demands being thus a bright light of democracy. Therefore, it seems to be justifiable the Lisbon Treaty clearly expressed Parliament‘s powerful role concerning the legislative process, deciding on the budget and finally control of other European Institutions. I assure that I am conscious of responsibility lying on my hands. Honourable Members, many people claim we will not manage to deal with crisis. In my opinion, the crisis it only a slightly shaking movement and fear seems to be superflous. Our problems can be thus solved effectively if we follow practical and direct advice. Let me use The Lisbon Agenda 2000 as an example. It clearly indicates what should be done better in order to make European Union strong and influential world economy that provides people with a good social welfare system and promotes interests of a society by alluring job offers, ensuring social equity and sustainable economic develepment. The Agenda did not succeeded due to the fact that European Union Members did not collaborate taking care only about national interests. What is more, the strategy was directed mostly to well- developed countries instead of countries that really need significant reforms. Moreover, imprecise assumptions of the Agenda were rather ignored and control of their implementation- inconsistent. Ther

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efore it was impossible to blame it on anybody. Countries that joined European Union gave it part of their sovereign competences in order to achieve objectives of the Treaty. Unfortunately, fear of losing sovereignty is still an ongoing problem. An European Union’s fundamental principle is to preserve national identity. It is also expressed directly in the Treaty that Members can decide on their own about the most important matters of a country, in particular about a political system. Moreover, European Union respects all fundamental rights that are relevant for its Members. Since 2009 Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union is an obligatory source of european law. The only way to deal with crisis is to increase the effectiveness of European law. What is more, we need to focus on creating new jobs. The more people work, the more we are able to spend on social investment. We need to provide people with flexible working hours so they could work efficiently. Obviously, they are supposed to be protected by numerous rights concerning job conditions and fighting against discrimination. They are also supposed to be provided with a proper professional training in order to correspond to market’s needs. Europe is no longer made up from dominant countries and isolated backward areas. An unwavering self- conception of being united in diversity provides us all with a possibility to exalt our uniqueness while still working together as equal partners in order to reach goals that we all decided to achieve. Some of you may say that not only the way I envision European Union is a high- flying idea but also the issues I mentioned are the tip of iceberg. Indeed, Europe has a rough time nowadays. However, even though you find it hard to believe, I assure you that we can win. It depends entirely on us and our commitment. European Union cannot be out of step with people’s demands. Taking up the challenge together, we are bound to create an economically and socially str

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ong democratic home for all Europeans. Thank you for your attention.

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