Exercices - langue anglaise 22, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
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Exercices - langue anglaise 22, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercices - langue anglaise 22 - And Justice There is None - correction Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: réponses.
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And Justice There is None

N° ? Réponses Points 1 Moving in + line 40 A = 3 b= 3

Cohérence entre a et b

Sinon 0 2 In England, in London

Info repérée = 4

inutile de rédiger

3 a- a girl = the new neighbours’ daughter/ The black girl/ the girl in the West Indian family/ the West Indian girl

b- her = the main character/ Poppy’s daughter/ the Polish girl refuser ‘the narrator’

c- they = the new neighbours/ the West Indian family / the black family/ the new family d- he= the main character’s father/ the girl’s father/ the father e- Poppy = idem

A = 2

B = 2

C = 2

D = 2 E = 2

4 a- Poppy’s daughter/ the main (female) character // the girl

Line 13: “it seemed to her” / line 4-5 : “the deep color of the bittersweet chocolate her mother used for baking” / line 16 “the street seemed suddenly lifeless without them” line 18 (she would tell…) line 23 (yes, there he was)

b- Polish : line 34-35 “the things that reminded him of the old county : the smell of…..Polish folk art” accepter “men reading Polish newspapers” line 24

a- 2 + quotation=1

b- 2 + quotation= 1

enlever 0.5 si ligne non précisée

5 She is on her doorstep/ outside her house/ in her street. Accepter

aussi inside, at home, behind the window 4

6 a- She is both impatient and frustrated. Mais comme le moment n’est pas precise accepter aussi : excited, curious, inquisitive.

b- Line 17-18 : she hugged herself in frustration »/ line 18 : « she would tell someone, then, but who?” / line 21: “leaping from the steps, she ran” Faire attention à la cohérence entre a et b. + 2 éléments suffisent

a- 5

b- 3 (1.5 si un seul élément)

enlever 0.5 si ligne non précisée

7 Then , she goes to the café where her father is a regular patron/ usually is to tell him about the new neighbours/ to talk to him (because she wants to..)

What = 4 (3 comp. + 1

expr.) What for = 4 (3

comp. + 1 expr.)

8 He doesn’t expect to see her there so he wonders what may have happened. / He frowns when he sees her come into the café/ He wonders why she is coming/ He asks her if there’s something wrong.

He is (easily) worried, rather pessimistic, anxious, concerned. Line 27: “her father looked up, frowning” / line 278: “What are you doing here…wrong?” / line 29 “He always thought something was wrong.” / line 29-30: “She supposed he worried so…the war”

Reaction =5 (4+1

expression) Personality = 5

(4+1) Quotation = 2 enlever 0.5 si ligne non précisée

9 Right or Wrong?

1- W- line 34- 35 “…till he clung…country” 2- W – line 30-31: “ newly demobbed / had arrived with her

mother “ 3- R – line 31 : “determined to put the war…..silversmith” 4- R- line 33-34: “…he had done well. Better than ….in the


Coherence R/W et quotation

2 2 2 2

à chaque fois , -0.5 si ligne

oubliée 10 She doesn’t want to be heard . She knows that the people around her

don’t like West Indians so she fears their reactions. / She is embarrassed

6 compréhension

2 expression 11 line 45: The father fears that the newcomers might create problems/

meet the neighbours’ hostility. He may be prejudiced against West Indians.

Line 46: Positive point of view + she is impressed. (positive words + metaphors in the description) line 4, 7-8, 13-14 (exotic) ,15, 16. I might mean new friends (line 11: “ a girl about her age”)

5 comp. + 2 expr.

5 comp. + 2

expr. (2.5 seulement si il n’y a pas d’éléments ou si il n’y a pas

d’expr. Perso.) 12 She might feel disappointed at her father’s reluctance, disapprove of

his prejudice. She won’t obey her father. She will try to make new friends with her children.

9 compr. +

3 expression

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