Exercitations en anglais 10 correction, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
Thierry_E15 April 2014

Exercitations en anglais 10 correction, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercitations en anglais 10 - correction. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: compréhension, expression.
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A Write down the correct answer. (1,5 point = 0,5 x 3} l. b the United States

2. a contemporary society

3. a Here, everyone drives

B Complete the following summary. (2,5 points = 0,5 x 5) 1. dinner

2. drove

3. sedentary

4.moved to (complet ou 0)

5.on foot (complet ou 0)

II Detailed Comprehension (Les mots en gras constituent le minimum nécessaire pour obtenir la totalité des points)

A Right or Wrong ? (4 pts = 4 x 1;1 pt ou 0) 1. Right line 9, 10 "A researcher at the University of California at Berkeley recently made a study of the nation's walking habits".

2. Wrong line 15 "Hanover, where we settled is a small, typical New England college town. "

3, Wrong line 18,19, 20 "Nearly everyone in town is within a five-minute walk of the shops"

4. Right line 25-26 "... in the early days neighbours would slow by the kerb and ask if I wanted a lift."

OU line 27 "But, I'm going your way,' they would insist..."

B Pick out sentences showing that : (accepter phrases ou mots) (4 pts = 4 x 1) 1. line 4 " I was astounded" OU line 2 "I swear this is true"

2. lïnes 12-13 "I'm no stranger to sloth myself. "

3. line 16 "college town" / college buildings (l.17)

4. line 24 "people have got used to this curious and eccentric behaviour now"

C Who or what do the underlined words refer to ? 1. the people next door/ the narrator's neighbours / the neighbours

2. the narrator and his family / Bill Bryson

3. Hanover/ college town / the town

4. passing neighbours/people

5. the narrator / Bill Bryson

D Find synonyms in the text. (n’accepter qu’un mot, pas de phrases) 3pts (0.5 *6) l. line 4 recall

2. line 6 odd

3. line 11 average

4. line 19 virtually / nearly

5. line 27 declined

6. line 27-28 it's no bother (expression complète)

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