Exercitations en anglais 6 correction, Exercices de Langue Anglaise
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Exercitations en anglais 6 correction, Exercices de Langue Anglaise

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Exercitations en anglais 6 correction. Les principaux thèmes abordés sont les suivants: compréhension générale, compréhension détaillée, expression.
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Write down the correct answer. (4 pts = 4 x 1) A-2) an internet site. B-3) the evolution of parenting. C- 3) four D- 1) England.

II – DETAILED COMPREHENSION Les mots en caractères gras constituent le minimum obligataire pour obtenir le point

A- The following statements are right. Justify by quoting from the teat. (2 pts = 4 x 0.5 ; 0.5 ou 0) 1) "I walked to my nursery school in Cambridge.... " (1.1-2)

2) "After that, she explained, came the war. " (1.4)

3) " no one knew where the four children were. " (1.5)

4) "...across London..."(1.14)

B- Right or Wrong? Answer and justify by quoting the text. (3 pts=6 x 0.5 ; 0.5 ou 0) 1) Wrong. "no one knew where the four children were. " (L5)

2) Wrong. "...as soon as it had mended we were walking home alone again. "(1.15-16)

3) Right. "No wonder they love going to the country where they can spend all day making camps in the garden, pretending to be orphans. " (1.25-26)

4) Right. "...I'm also worried about being seen as a bad parent " (1.27-28)

5) Wrong. "My children still end up in the A&E department as often as we did. " (1.33)

6) Right "The inside of a house can be more dangerous than the street... " (1.33-35)

C- Quote the sentence from the text that gives two LEGAL rules... (1 pt) "When we go to the park there are signs in the playground saying that parents may be prosecuted if they leave their children unsupervised, and at the swimming pool there must be an adult for every two children. " (1.30-32)

D - Who or what do the following pronouns refer to? (5 pts = 5 x 1) 1) 1.7-8 us = the writer and her brothers and sisters. [accepter aussi : " the four children " (1.5)]

2) 1.15 She = the writer's sister. [accepter aussi: "My younger sister... " (1.13)]

3) 1.26 they = the writer's children. [accepter aussi: "...my three-, four-and six-year-olds... " (1.23)]

4) 1.31 they =parenis.

5) 1.33 we = the writer's generation l the writer and her brothers and sisters.

E - Find the synonyms in the text for: (3 pts = 6 x 0.5) 1) problems = issues 1.8

2) repaired = mended 1.16

3) holding tightly clutching 1.24

4) short joumeys = trips 1.25,

5) kidnapped = abducted 1.27

6) reprimanded =lectured 1.29

F- Write down the correct answer. (2 pts = 4 x 0.5) 1) a) he was a soldier.

2) b) films that they were not allowed to see.

3) c) I never thought of saying anything.

4) b) I worry a lot about my children, like other parents.

COMPREHENSION (I + II = 20 points à diviser par 2

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