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Lecture 21: Impacts on the Middle East (II) The American War in Iraq! Rationales of the Mid-term Examination • Grade to be Posted Before Next Wednesday (Hopefully) • Question Analysis Next Wednesday (Hopefully) • Roles of Examinations – Future-oriented: Grade [3-4-3] – Enrichment-oriented: Performance [?-?-?] • Newspaper Reader or Newspaper Commentator? • Political Science in the Perceptive Spectrum Political Science (Logic, Methodology, Induction, Deduction) History Water-blowing (Memorization) (Subjective Bluffing) Question 3: In the Anti-Terror Coalition, which of the followings is NOT a rationale for these countries to participate? • • • • • Britain – to elevate its national status by sticking to the Americans. Mexico – to look for financial rewards from the United States. Russia – to safeguard the achievements of the “Greek Plan” of Catherine the Great. [=Russia as an Eurasian Empire, inc. Chechenya] USA – to pre-empt the terrorist threat of Afghanistan. Uzbekistan – to be removed from the American list of authoritarian countries. Bush Doctrine I: Countries Chose to Harbor Terrorist = Terrorist (Vs Taliban) • Implication 1: Countries Have the Right to Choose (Active) • Implication 2: After Taking Side, the Countries are ALREADY the Terrorist, Need to be PUNISHED/EXECUTED, Instead of PRE-EMPTED Bush Doctrine II: Countries Suspected of Future Terrorist Tendency Have to be Preempted (Vs Iraq) • Implication 1: Countries Do NOT Have the Right to Choose (Passive) • Implication 2: After Being Assigned as Evil States, the Countries are POTENTIAL Threat of Terrorism, Need to be PRE-EMPTED, Instead of PUNISHED Question 14: Which of the following countries CAN be attacked by the United States AFTER the introduction of the revised Bush Doctrine? • • • • • Afghanistan. Iraq. China. Britain. All of the above. Bush Doctrine I: • To the USA: Passive (wait for the decision of

others) • To other Countries: Active (can decide to take side) Bush Doctrine II: • To the USA: Active (can define the terrorist threat) • To other Countries: Passive (cannot even take side) Which of the following countries CAN be attacked by the United States AFTER the introduction of the original Bush Doctrine? • None of the above. Question 13: If Al Gore was elected as the American president in 2000, which of the followings is still MOST likely to happen after 911? • • 1. 2. • • • • • • NOT Imaginary The Hidden Questions: What is the main difference between the foreign policy of the Democratic Party (Clinton-Gore) and the Republic Party (Reagan-Bush Sr.-Bush Jr.)? How are the choices categorized? The American War against Afghanistan. [Multilateralism] The American War against Iraq. [Unilateralism] The declination of Russian membership in NATO. [Unilateralism] The formation of the Axis of Evil. [Unilateralism] All of the above are likely to happen after 911 even with Al Gore as the president. None of the above.  a debatable option Question 15: Through planning the 911 attack, Osama Bin Laden is likely to aim at the followings EXCEPT: • • 1. 2. Not Imaginary The Hidden Questions: Are these options consistent to Islamic Fundamentalism that Osama Bin Laden believes? Are they covered in the Grand Strategy of Laden’s Conspiracy Theory? [invite American attack  provoke the Muslims  alienate the Western allies  revolution of world order] The American retreat from the Middle East. [step 1] The aroused conscious of Pan-Islamism through provoking the American revenge. [step 1 & 2] The change of status quo by removing America from the top. [step 4] The handover of corrupted Middle East regimes to SECULARISM. – • • • • • The current American War in Iraq. [step 1, 2 & 3] Secularism (the rule of non-religion) = Enemy of Islamic Fundamentalism The Methodological Training • To di

fferentiate the very similar facts in the newspapers, which represent very different hidden agendas – Bypass, cross, occupy, overcome, tackle… • To trace the MAIN origin of different facts contemporarily by the DEDUCTION logic • To predict the MAIN focus of different facts contemporarily by the INDUCTION logic • Inter-transferability in Real Life Announcements on Guest Speakers • Israel Consul General Eli Avidar – The Israeli-Palestinian Issue – Lecture 19: 19th March 2003 (Wednesday) – Indian Political Consul Anurag Goel – Indian Response to 911 and the Regional Order – Lecture 25: 31st March 2003 (Monday) – Please Sign Up for Lunch Afterwards • • Advice on Presentation of T1, 2B, 3B: hot20030314cr2bd.asx Structure of Lecture 21: • • • The First Gulf War (1990-1991) Impacts of the First Gulf War Relationship between 911 and the Current American War in Iraq Contrasting Diplomacy of the 2 Wars on Iraq – What can you tell? Conclusion: – Macro Plans of the War? Open Forum on the War • • • PART I The First Gulf War (1990-1991) Early History of Iraq • The Glorious and “Warlike” History of the Iraqis: – The Babylonian Empire – Saddam’s Idol: King Nebuchadnezzar – The Islamic Empire and the Arabian Nights • Iraqis under Ottoman Rule (1553-1914) • Message from the “Restoration” of Babylonian Heritage by Saddam Hussein British Imperialism in Middle East • Iraq as an Ottoman Province • British Imperialism of 19th Century – The “3B Plan”: Berlin, Budapest and Baghdad – Imperialist Rival between Britain, France and Russia in the Middle East • British “Protection” of Kuwait (1898) and the Iraqi Response • Iraqi Became a British Protectorate after WWI (1920) • Relations with the Current British Role? The Independent Iraq • 1932: In

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