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Descrizione: Oxford Placement Test 1 - grammar test - part 1 and part 2
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Oxford Placement Test 1
Grammar Test Part 1
Total Listening / 100 Total Grammar Part 2 / 50
Total Grammar Part 1 / 50 Grand total / 100
Look at these examples. The correct answer is ticked. A B C
a In warm climates people like likes are liking sitting outside in the sun.
b If it is very hot, they sit at in under the shade.
Now the test will begin. Tick the correct answers.
1 Water is to boil is boiling boils at a temperature of 100° C.
2In some countries there is is it is very hot all the time.
3In cold countries people wear thick clothes for keeping to keep for to keep warm.
4In England people are always talking about a weather the weather weather .
5In some places it rains there rains it raining almost every day.
6In deserts there isn’t the some any grass.
7Places near the Equator have a warm the warm warm weather even in cold season.
8In England coldest the coldest colder time of year is usually from December
to February.
9 The most Most of Most people don’t know what it’s like in other countries.
10 Very less little few people can travel abroad.
11 Mohammed Ali has won won is winning his first world title fight in 1960.
12 After he had won have won was winning an Olympic gold medal he became a
professional boxer.
13 His religious beliefs have made him made him to made him change his name when
he became champion.
14 If he has would have had lost his first fight with Sonny Liston, no one would have
been surprised.
15 He has travelled a lot both and or as a boxer and as a world - famous
16 He is very well known all in all over in all the world.
17 Many people is believing are believing believe he was the greatest boxer of
all time.
18 To be the best from in of the world is not easy.
19 Like any top sportsman Ali had to must should train very hard.
20 Even though he has now lost his title, people would will did always remember him as
a champion.
The history of aeroplane the aeroplane an aeroplane is
quite a a quite quite short one. For many centuries men
are trying try had tried to fly, but with
little few a little success. In the 19th century a few people
succeeded to fly in flying into flying in balloons. But it wasn’t until
the beginning of this next that century that anybody
were is was able to fly in a machine
who which what was heavier than air, in other words, in
who which what we now call a ‘plane. The first people to achieve
‘powered flight’ were the Wright brothers. His Their Theirs
was the machine which was the forerunner of the Jumbo jets
and supersonic airliners that are such such a so common
sight today. They could should couldn’t hardly have imagined that in 1969,
not much not many no much more than half a century later,
a man will be had been would be landed on the moon.
Already a man man the man is taking the first steps towards the stars.
Although space satellites have existed since during for less
than forty years, we are now dependent from of on them for all
kinds of informations information an information . Not only
are they they are there are being used for scientific research in
apace, but also to see what kind of weather is coming comes coming .
By 1998 there would must will have been satellites in space for forty
years and the ‘space superpowers’ are planning to have make let
massive space stations built. When these will be are will have been
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