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Esercitazioni inglese - Livello B1 - Test 2, Esercitazioni e Esercizi di Lingua Inglese. Università di Napoli Federico II Cancellato

Lingua Inglese

Descrizione: Esercizi inglese livello b1

Nome_______________________Cognome__________________Matricola_________________ READING COMPREHENSION 1 (4 points) Which sentence is correct for each question? For each question, mark one letter (A,B or C) on your WORKSHEET. 0.Example Telephone message: Bill Ryan caught 9:30 flightdue here 11.30 now, not 12.30. The answer is B When does Bill Ryan expect to arrive? A. 9.30 B. 11.30 C. 12.30 1. and 2. RENT THE BEST SELECTION OF VILLAS EXCLUSIVE FOR TIME READERS Over 6 months for only €105, saving 66% Get 15 years of experience in villa sales and rentals. We will assist you in choosing your private villa. off the cover price. Receive €50 Amazon From beach-front cottages to hillside luxurious villas gift certificate withthe ocean, many of our villas your credit card with pool overlooking pave been featured or ayment. Visit in decorator magazines. h email your delivery Fax: (011-590) 277828 Tel: (011-590) 277878 –details, payment preferences to Visit our villas on : 1. The agency will help you A. go swimming. B. find the villa of your choice. C. be featured in a magazine. 2. They have been working in the field A. 15 years ago. B. since 1992 C. for a decade. 3. and 4. EASTBOURNE 4 DAYS FROM £ 89 Burlington Hotel Situated on the seafront, this stylish hotel is a pleasant stroll from the town centre. INCLUDED EXCURSIONS -Full Day to Regency Brighton. -Half day to ‘1066 country’ and Battle. From March 9 £ 89 - March 23 £ 94 What’s included: Half board accommodation, Included excursions, Complete luggage handling service, Rooms with private facilities and T.V. CALL NOW AT 01942 823475 3. It is cheaper to book a room before A. March 9 B. March 23. C. £94 4. The Burlington Hotel is walking distance from A. Regency Brighton. B. The town centre. C. ‘1066 country’ and Battle. Nome_______________________Cognome__________________Matricola_________________ READING COMPREHENSION 2 (4 POINTS) Read this extract

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from an article on “Toyota”. Are sentences 5 - 8 'Right' or'Wrong'? If there is not enough information to answer 'Right' or 'Wrong', choose 'Doesn't Say'. For each sentence 5 - 8, mark one letter (A, B or C) on your WORKSHEET. TOYOTA: U.S. OPERATIONS— Annual Purchasing…$28b* Total Jobs………..386,0000** While Utah has some lovely ski trails, we go for the airbags. If you love skiing, chances are you love Utah. And we love Utah too, but for a different reason. For us it’s the airbags. Toyota buys airbags from Autoliv in Ogden Utah. They’re terrific partners, one of our hundreds of quality suppliers across the country. Relationships with suppliers are the lifeblood of our U.S. operations. At Toyota, we purchase more than $28 billion in U.S. parts, materials, goods, and other services every year. And whether we are in North Carolina ordering engine sensors, in Michigan buying batteries, in Ohio getting steel, or in Utah picking up airbags, you can be sure of one thing: Toyota is committed to keeping our investment in America strong. 5.Toyota is in Utah because of the skiing. A. true B. false C. doesn’t say 6. Toyota has more than a hundred suppliers in the U.S.. A. true B. false C. doesn’t say 7. It doesn’t matter which state Toyota is in, it works hard to strengthen its investment in America. A. true B. false C. doesn’t say 8. Autoliv sells airbags to Toyota. A. true B. false C. doesn’t say READING COMPREHENSION 3 ( 4 POINTS) Read the following excerpt from the then answer the questions 9-12 by choosing the correct answer (A, B or C) and writing it on your worksheet. Religious about Marketing. With liqueur sales rising, an order of monks figures out how to quietly get its share. Word of mouth is the ultimate form of marketing. Which can be a little difficult if your most knowledgeable staff members have taken a vow of silence. The owners and producers of Chartreuse—a liqueur made from 130 herbs and plants—are Carthusian monks who live a

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n ascetic life dedicated to prayer and contemplation at a monastery in the French Alps. Nevertheless, because the income generated by the sales of the Chartreuse liqueur helps support the monastery and other monasteries around the world, the business—privately and solely held by the Carthusians—also dedicates itself to promoting it. Total sales rose 18% last year because the monks got religion when it came to marketing. Green Chartreuse, which first sold in 1764, retails in the U.S. for $40 to $45 for 750ml. Jean Marc Roget, president of Chartreuse Diffusion, the brands marketing arm, says the brand’s updated website helped bring about worldwide sales of a million bottles of Green, V:E:P: and Yellow, totaling $13 million. “Many professional sommeliers, bartenders and maitre’d’s love to know the history of the liqueur. 9. According to Jean Marc Roget, Green and Yellow have sold millions of bottles worldwide thanks to A. the brand’s updated website B. the monk’s praying C. its history 10 The business is important to the Carthusians because A. it promotes the monastery B. it helps support the monastery 11. On the American market, Green Chartreuse sells for A. 18% last year B. $40 to $45 12. The business is owned A. by Jean Marc Roget Carthusians B. professional sommeliers C. it tastes good C. $13 million C. exclusively by the Nome_______________________Cognome__________________Matricola_________________ GRAMMAR (10 POINTS) Read the text below and then fill in the gap with the correct word, choosing from A, B, or C for the numbers 13-22. Mark all answers on your worksheet. Practicing a Romance Language — By Melanie Hess Gabler After a day of sightseeing (13)_______ Nice, France and Monaco, I found myself in a separate train car than (14)_______ other ten girls in my party. I decided to stay put and study during the long return trip to our home base of Turin, Italy. I (15) _________ to Italy in the spring of 1993 with BYU Study Abroad to explore Renai

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