Docsity's International Team!


Riccardo,26 years old

Studies: Politecnico di Torino, Electrical Engineering (IT), University of London, Economics (UK)

About: Riccardo designed and founded Docsity. Before that, he enjoyed many extreme sports, including Windsurfing and Freestyle skiing. He was even smart enough to break his leg two times practicing them!

Riccardo’s favorite cartoon character is Peter Griffin. He loves when Peter hurts himself and keeps saying “Ahhhhh Ahhhhhh….”. But he also loves Physics and Sociology, and his favorite author is Malcom Gladwell.

Naachiz, 26 years old

Studies: Undergrad in Computer and Information Science, Masters in Mathematics, Masters in System Engineering
AboutIn geometry, Naachiz is an octagon with 8 unique interest-sides; Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics, Engineering, Palmistry, Psychology, Poetry and Drawing! He knows 7 languages of the world o_O
Using computers since 1994 till date made Naachiz win three medals and many certificates so far in local programming competitions. He loves growing mustache. He loves driving his old ‘Santro’ and would never sell it for any cost. His favorite movie character is Shrek.

Antonio, 32 years old

Studies: Antonio studied Design at ESD in Murcia and then Advertising and public relations at Murcia University, Spain.

Finally, thinking he hadn't studied enough, he took a Masters in Turin, Italy.

Antonio is eager to learn new stuff and he is especially passionated about social media and digital marketing. He manages the spanish section as well as many collaborators for various countries.

As every typical "geek" he is the guy who helps all his friends solving their problems with technology ;)

, 24 years old

Studies: Politecnico di Torino, Electrical Engineering (IT). London School of Economics (UK)

About: In the picture Daria is just about to burst in one of her well-known laughs!! She is one of the earliest collaborators of Docsity: she helped make students aware of Docsity in Italy by managing the distribution of fliers at some of the most prominent universities. She is currently working with the lunch of Docsity in the UK.

Emiliano, 22 years old
Studies: Università la Sapienza, Computer Science (IT), University of Lisboa, Computer Science (PT)



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