1879- Ohio, regiment... what did they do?

"Had you been an exclusive issued towards 13th Regiment associated with Infantry- offering inwards Iowa around 1879.... what do one does? Would you simply sit there all day? Police this tracks? Deal with Indians? Discover about expeditions? Was looking for assist! (Regard there seemed to be more information I really could give you, that is wholly We have)"
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I'm assuming you mean the US Army's 13th Infantry Regiment rather than the 13th Ohio Infantry? The 13th Ohio didn't exist in 1869, it had been mustered out of service in 1865. The US Army's 13th Infantry did exist in 1879, but it doesn't seem like it would have been doing much in Ohio except for dealing with possible railroad strikes and labor riots (all companies except D and G were sent to Pennsylvania for this purpose in 1877). In Ohio 1879 there wouldn't have been teribly much to do. Indian fighting was really something happening out west and the 13th's role in the Indian Wars had been from 1867 to 1871, serving in Montana and North Dakota.
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