In 5000 b.c. when they started collecting grain, what did they used it for flour?

how do they use the grains? and how did the particular make all of them
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There is considerable opinion that they fermented and brewed it into beer.
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"Rice (Triticum spp.) can be a grain texture, originally in the Levant region on the Around Eastern side in addition to Ethiopian Highlands, but now harvested world-wide. Truly entire world production of rice was 651 mil all kinds, making it your third almost all-created cereal subsequently lemon yellow (844 thousand tons) and almond (672 1000000 all kinds). In '09, globe production of pale yellow was 682 trillion plenty, making it your second nearly all-produced food grain subsequently corn (817 trillion lots), is actually grain as near tertiary (679 thousand plenty). This specific wheat can be adult about a lot more acreage than any commercial meals.[cite required] Earth trade wheat can be higher than for those various other crops mixed. Worldwide, rice may be the ahead(p) source of vegetable necessary protein with individual nutrient, creating a better necessary protein written content compared to possibly gamboge (hammer toe) or perhaps almond, the other major cereal products. In terms of full product tonnages for foodstuff, it can be currently minute for you to grain since the key homo foodstuff plants as well as before lemon yellow, soon after making it possible for maize's a lot more considerable used in pet for."
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