A human being is by nature selfish.discuss?

Can any one help me on the....

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"Selfish is just a euphemism for fearful. We need to be honest about the root cause before we can discuss the problem. Greed or selfishness is based in the belief in the idea of lack. Lack assumes that there is a finite amount and if I don't get mine there may not be enough to go around. This fear of lack causes hoarding of resources, be it money or whatever. The idea of sharing is seen as illogical, when in fact it is often the only thing that makes any sense. . In some indigenous cultures greed or the inability to share is seen as a form of mental illness. Oddly in our culture it is considered something to aspire to. I guess that sort of sums up the mental health of our culture."

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Sigmund Freud's personation of man's instinct equally animalistic along with darkish features recommended that will inherently your strongest motivating aspect involving man's instinct should be to look for pleasance and get away from soreness. Even more in the event that there was clearly simply no societal limits, rules (Superego) we'd quest for whatever ended up being in our own pastime (egoistic needs along with would like) in addition to might neglect or even wouldn't normally maintain other folks would like and also desires and also the actual benefits in our behaviour with others liveliness.

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