"What do we know about animal thinking? Do other animals share our capacity for language?"

Does anyone know about the concept of thinking in animals , also tell me about how animals share their capacity of language.
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"A few animals are more thoughtful when compared with other folks, in accordance with some sort of comparative psychologist whom claims research is installation that will sharks, macaque monkeys along with wildlife write about each of our power to remember, check as well as regulate their particular says regarding head. "
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"M. David Jones in the School from Buffalo information that will world are capable of metacognition, or perhaps planning on pondering. ""Human beings tin think anxiety. They've known once they don't know or remember, plus they reply well in order to anxiety simply by deferring reception and looking details,"" Johnson creates inside September issue of the daybook Styles within Intellectual Sciences. And accumulating study, he says, suggests metacognition is not distinctive for you to humans."
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