According to Jones what is a Social Change?

In perspective of jones what is a Social change.
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“Thus social change is a term used to describe variations or modifications of any aspect of a social processes,social pattern, social interaction, or social organization.” Source:http://us.docsity.com/en-docs/Introduction_to_Sociology_Social_mobility-Lecture_Slides-Sociology-Barbara_A_Anderson
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"The term ''telecomutting saves gas'' can be used ever sold,governmental policies, business economics,in addition to sociology. Telecomutting saves gas is usually a concern within societal operate, government, history,sociology, anthropology, as well as in quite a few mixer sciences. Social change will be manufactured by innovation, dissent,politics, online communities, and also by strong military action. Aspects of social change could be divided the following. i. Physical or maybe physical The first page/three or more a couple of. Scientific several. Economical some. Ethnic v. Internal 6. Complex vii. Populace"
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