Activism in the USA 1950's and 1960's?

"I've got lately found polite privileges unbelievably intriguing even so you will discover varrying along with debatable solutions and that i would like to create which are more good? Activism: -Achievements along with Problems -Account -Dates -Answers -Groupings/figures included Ideally along with resources"
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"Dean, if you are truly ""interested"" then have the integrity to do the work. Back in my day I'd spend the evening at the college library loading a table up with books to find research that you can pull in 30 seconds with a simple search. In the time that it took you to write this selfish request you could have pulled hundreds of pages of information about those topics. Yes, being a college activist in the late 60s was a fascinating, and scary, adventure and there is a plethora of information available if you'd take the time to find it. The search is really the most interesting part because you always find something you did not expect. Start by simply typing ""civil rights, mississippi, alabama, 1960s"" and get started."
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