A playground is on the flat roof of a city school, 5.5 m above the street below. The vertical wal?

"A playground is on the flat roof of a city school, 5.5 m above the street below. The vertical wall of the building is h = 6.80 m high, forming a 1.3-m-high railing around the playground. A ball has fallen to the street below, and a passerby returns it by launching it at an angle of θ = 53.0°; above the horizontal at a point d = 24.0 m from the base of the building wall. The ball takes 2.20 s to reach a point vertically above the wall.


(a) Find the speed at which the ball was launched. (Give your answer to two decimal places to reduce rounding errors in later parts.)



(b) Find the vertical distance by which the ball clears the wall.



(c) Find the horizontal distance from the wall to the point on the roof where the ball lands."

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eha 06-03-2013
eha - Shree Ram Swarup College of Engineering & Management
"a) Horizontal distance x = 24 = u*2.2 cos 53 u = 18.13 m/s b) The vertical distance travelled in this time is ut – ½ a t^2 y = 18.13 *2.2 sin 53 – 4.9*2.2*2.2 = 8.14 m The distance above the wall is 8.14 – 6.8 = 1.34 m c) The vertical distance of the play ground from the ground is 5.5 m The time to fall on the play ground is found from 5.5 = 18.13 *t* sin 53 – 4.9t^2 t = 0.45 s and this is neglected since it is less than 2.2 s The other value is 2.51s The horizontal distance traveled in this time is 18.13 *2.51cos 53 = 27.39 m"
cool_bre 15-05-2013
cool_bre - Anna University of Technology
"arranged the actual equation of movement inside straight since b=3 in the surface of the play ground to the soccer ball b(to)=-half a dozen+v0*hell(fifty three)*t-.your five*being unfaithful.eighty one*testosterone levelsenqa_two were considering the fact that 26=v0*cos(liii)*only two.30 work out pertaining to v0 20.637 meters/utes talk to Y(big t) to find out in the event the basketball is definitely over this rampart ful(only two.2)=-six+19.637*wickedness(53)*only two.3-.v*nine.eighty one*ii… b(a couple of.ii)=several.762 l, which can be three.762 m over this wall structure. Why don't we uncover t when Y(t)=3 There'll be 2 root base, operate the better root. Small price of testosterone levels is the place the soccer ball actually reaches this aircraft on the play ground on the rise. testosterone levels=2.753 a few moments As meter the actual baseball features sailed times(3.753)=30.your five l or even 27.5-26 from the rampart ix.5 michael "  

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