Alternate Civil War: Union Tenn. and Confed. Maryland?

Howdy Everybody! We would not be disturbing however this appears to be considerably above my own calibre.
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"Tennessee could've been a border state like Kentucky or Missouri, which still had slavery but didn't secede. Andrew Jackson, sage of Nashville, once threatened to hang John C Calhoun over nullification crises in 1832 South Carolina. Jackson passionately said, ""The Union, it must be preserved"" & proposed to lead troops into Charleston personally if the state seceded. Maryland had anti federal riots in 1861 & attacked union troops in Baltimore streets, which led men to die. It was the home of such rebels as Roger Taney, who was the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court. His most infamous decision was Dred Scott in 1857, which killed all Congressional compromises made to thwart dominance of slave state power. Certainly Washington would've fallen, if encircled by two rebel states. Perhaps Lincoln would've had to reconvene in Boston or Philadelphia. Perhaps Lincoln would've been captured & hanged. Eventually the economic & industrial & numerical superiority of the North would've won the war, however. Thaddeus Stevens might have become president in Boston instead. The South really would've howled in agony had that happened. Also, total abolition of slavery would've kept England out of the war regardless of who was president, if he proclaimed it by executive order like Lincoln did."
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