Alternate history question: if cold war roles reversed?

Imagine if the principle tasks connected with frosty battle were stopped concerning Russian federation as well as America? Including in case Spain remained capitalistic (one example is simply by killer every commie rebellion) as well as The usa transformed communist (similar as soon as the fantastic despression symptoms).
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"The world would be communist now. Marx's original theory stated that communism should occur in advanced capitalist economies. Marx recognised that capitalism was the most effective mode of production, it's just the huge inequality that was created by it (and undeniably still is) which Marx had a problem with and which he recognised were the seeds of its own destruction. This means that he wanted the socialist revolutions to take place in countries such as the UK and the USA, where they were industrialised and fully operating under capitalism so their productivity could continue under the dictatorship of the proletariat. However, Russia's revolution was led in a largely peasant country by a small intellectual elite, ultimately not only undermining the fact that the capitalist stage needs to occur before the dictatorship of the proletariat (it goes peasant- capitalist- dictatorship of proletariat), but also the entire concept of the dictatorship of the proletariat. Instead of giving power to the ordinary person, Leninism instead gave it to a small portion of society so the workers never really managed to achieve true communism. However, had the revolution happened in America it would have been incredibly different, particularly if it followed classical marxism rather than Leninism. This means if the roles in the cold war had been reversed, it wouldn't be that Russia was communist anyway, but actually a peasant country still. Either that, or it would have moved onto becoming capitalist meaning its economy was prepared for communism. I have an exam on this tomorrow, by the way, I'm not just really sad."
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Your Cold-blooded State of war would have been a main politics along with economic undertaking over four decades, however the opposition relating to the 2 superpowers received decreased dramatically with the conclude connected with Reagan's presidency. The value of Reagan's position in termination the Chilly War features spurred litigious along with opinionated argumentation.]In which Reagan acquired a few part within triggering the death on the Soviet Uniting will be in concert agreed, but the extent on this part is definitely continually disputed, with numerous thinking that will Reagan's protection plans, tricky collection palaver contrary to the Soviet Partnership as well as Communism, as well as summits together with General Writing table Gorbachev played a large element inwards stopping your War.
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