Why are american concentration camps for japanese people in WWII overlooked?

Hello All people! We would not be disturbing but this particular seems far previously my personal caliber.
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"I dont' think they are that ""overlooked"". They are mentioned in most history classes anyone ever takes about how WW2 affected the country, and in any documentary I have ever seen covering the USA's role in WW2. They are no secret at all. That said, very few Japanese-Americans and Japanese immigrants died in these concentration camps. These weren't the Dachau's or the Bergen-Belsen's of the US,.... and while it was a shameful chapter in American history, I think they get overshadowed by the monstrous scale of the camps found in Nazi-occupied Europe and the Soviet Union. I was rather surprised to find that no US state or federal government has ever officially apologized for the camps... but I realize this probably has to do with compensation reasons. Where I live in Western Canada, we had the same internment camps in British Columbia and Alberta. The feds have on a few occasions publicly apologized, and people from that era were even given some compensation (although it wasn't much). But... that maybe has to do with different property rights legislation in both countries that would affect the ability of the parties to go to court... maybe they just don't want the legal system to be exploited or overwhelmed (I'm just speculating on that.. I could be way off)."
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"Prexy Franklin Deborah. Roosevelt certified this impounding along with Executive Buy 9066, supplied February 21, 1942, which permitted community armed forces commanders to help specify ""armed services parts"" since ""riddance specific zones,"" where ""all or any individuals can be excluded. "
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