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"Do you think that this Harappan vocabulary ended up being tightly linked to your languages verbal with Indian these days? Look at the info in the written text as well as what you already know just to create an inference around the Harappan language. answer--------------------------------… --------------------------------------… Whoever else just found out about Harappan achievements? Think back to various other civilizations that you've got researched in which produced like achievements. Exactly what allowed these civilizations for making his or her accomplishments? Out of this, what can you understand about sooner Harappan culture? answer--------------------------------…"
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"Historians divide Indian History as Ancient, Medieval & Modern. Indus Valley civilisation (what you call 'Harappan') is thought to be earlier than Ancient by some. You hit the nail right when you mentioned about the 'language' of Harappan Civilization. It is the crux of the problem and none succeeded till date. It set into motion the view that the Aryans who by now have dominated the Indian History, were outsiders to start with and they destroyed the peaceable Indus Valley civilisation (IVC), supplanting with their own that is alive now even. Prof.Asko Parpola of Finland, who emphasises on the primacy of language & Iravatham of India are straining hard to decipher the Indus Valley Script. It is a pity that in the age of Computers the task has become formidable. Then the theory is (was) that the original IVC languages were driven south into the peninsula by the Aryan hordes where they thrived as Dravidian Languages. To prove it, a relic of a language 'Brahui' is spoken today in Baluchistan. This has close resemblance to Dravidian tongues, though Brahui is located in a sea of indo-Iranian languages. I tend to believe this theory. But mine is not final and there is no conclusive proof that it is indeed so. For that the IVC script needs to be deciphered. Speech & script are the two aspects of any language, unless the language has no script of its own. Also a script can be used or shared by many languages.This makes the IVC language even more difficult to decipher as a 'Speech' form. In the so-called, much-touted Indian (contemporary) civilisation there are drastic contrasts between the North (Aryan dominated) & the South (Dravidian). The Northern Indians (except the adherents of imported religions like Christianity or Islam) invariably 'cremate' their dead while the old Dravidian custom is to bury. This anthropological fact is given short shrift even by scholars. But I feel this is vital. Disposal of the dead predates any religion. Burying as a custom is shared by many cultures while cremation is not so."
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"The actual Indus Vale Culture (IVC) became a Tan Eld the world (3300–1300 BCE; fully developed point 2600–1900 BCE) within the northwest place on the Indian native subcontinent, including things like what exactly is at this point largely provide-day time Pakistan along with nor'-west The indian subcontinent. Well established round the Indus Catchment area, the civilisation[d 1] elongated distance in the Ghaggar-Hakra River vale and the top actually reaches Ganges-Yamuna Doab;[hunting for][ten] it elongated west on the Makran coastline connected with Balochistan, northern in order to northeast Afghanistan along with south to be able to Daimabad inside Maharashtra. Your civilisation has been spread over a few one particular,260,500 kilometers², making it the best identified antediluvian culture. "
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