"Why are the answers that flow from the scientific approach more reliable than those based on intuition and common sense?"

"Hi all! I have lost all hope but I believe this forum can help me. My question is scientific approach more reliable than those based on intuition and common sense."
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"Although common sense usually acts all of us nicely, i am prone to hindsight bias (also known as this “My partner and i-realized-this-just about all-together sensation”), this trend to think, immediately after learning an resultant, that we could have foreseen the idea. Most of us can also be typically cocksure of our own choice, appreciate it partially to your tendency to seek facts that will realises these. Even though limited by your testable inquiries it may address, clinical query may help all of us strain world via false impression in addition to trammel the tendencies individuals unaided hunch."
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"The principle device characteristic which separates this clinical method by other strategies of acquiring knowledge is the fact scientists search in order to net ball fact converse intended for themselves, promoting a new theory if a theory's estimations usually are proved and tough a theory whenever the prophecies show fake. Despite the fact that procedures consist of one particular subject of question to a new, recognizable capabilities distinguish medical enquiry coming from different ways of having know-how. Clinical analysts propose to her hypotheses because explanations of phenomena, and layout experimental scientific tests to test these types of hypotheses through forecasts which may be based on these individuals. "
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