At which place Greco Buddhist sculpture are located?

Hi all, need help!!!!!! At which place Greco Buddhist sculpture are located?
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Greco-Buddhist craft will be the artistic expression connected with Greco-Buddhism, a new ethnical syncretism involving the Traditional Language of ancient greece way of life and also Buddhism, which in turn developed during a period of near to a thousand days in Main Asian countries, between the conquests regarding Alexander the Great inside 4th century BCE, as well as the Islamic conquests on the seventh hundred years CE. Greco-Buddhist fine art is seen as an this strong idealistic realism and sumptuous outline connected with Hellenistic fine art and also the foremost representations of the Buddha throughout people kind, that are fitted with served determine your inventive (in addition to in particular, sculpturesque) canon for Buddhist craft through the entire Oriental place approximately the existing. It's also a powerful example of cultural syncretism in between easterly as well as european cultures.
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