In an athlete's medical test, can they find out you're a smoker or can they find THC?

Generally, I'll do the standard sportsman's aesculapian check where by they look at heartbeat, return times-sun rays as well as consider our blood in addition to piss biological materials. Tin that they find out i'm a smoke enthusiast from using it. May also many people come across THC? Should they doh the length of time does it hold it never to display in the test out point? thank you.
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"Typical athletic physicals test for health problems that may contraindicate participation in sports. Professional athletic testing screens for steroids and illegal drugs as well. Schools may or may not test for drugs; as Bravozulu suggested, the only sure way is to ask an official (or fail the test). THC tests show positive within minutes, as stated, but I think you're asking how long after smoking you're likely to test positive. This depends on many variables, such as how often and how much you smoke, your size, etc. The link below gives a general time frame for how long you may test positive for THC"
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